David Scott Smith Ceramics
Honors Math/Art Interdisciplinary Class, FVCC
Tile Mural Project
The Math/Art class was taught two Spring Semesters (2011-2012); the first semester the students designed and began construction of a tile mural for the Arts & Technology building (FVCC), the second semester class finished the project, and the mural was installed in the summer of 2012. The project was designed to help a team of students explore the process of collaborating to complete a tile mural--selecting prospective sites for the project, creating designs specific for those sites, and creating a proposal. The class also explored a variety of historical and contemporary techniques used to make tile (use of slabroller, press-molding, extruded tile, slip-cast tile, etc.).

The design of the mural is unique for several reasons:
*Two Golden Spirals flowing together with tessellating design
*Over 400 tiles, most over 24” long
*Clay designed for extreme freeze-thaw conditions

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