David Scott Smith Ceramics
Introduction to Ceramics, FVCC
Wood-Fired Cup (fired in the experimental kiln "Mini-Me-Agama")
This piece was fired in the experimental kiln the students named “Mini-Me-Agama.” The kiln was built by the advanced class: Ceramic Sculpture, Tools & Techniques. However, all students had the opportunity to fire work in this kiln.
The small wood/salt/soda kiln was built with refractory cement and recycled brick (total cost = $150). The first couple of firings were a bit rocky, but eventually students consistently hit cone 11 in an 8-10 hour firing, weather permitting (and sometimes with the help of a propane burner at the very end).

This piece was un-glazed on the outside; the shiny surface was due to the soda we introduced into the firing.
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