David Scott Smith Ceramics
Chicken of LoveLarge Flower with SnakeHappy SmushyLove AquaticBloomThe Pleasures of FowlBerry-Button Love MonkeyBanana BoyLittle Honey BoboMate For LifeLarge Flower with Snake and ArtichokeSweet N TenderLittle PeepChicken of LoveNubbin GrinderNubbin GrinderWhorl Watersnake6 Point Non-Typical8 Point Non-TypicalSmall Flower with SnakeNubbin TwisterOrnamental DisplayDumbo HeadSlideWidgeon of LoveTears From The GardenTears From The GardenBaublesPlaythingsPlaythingsWitchdoctorDecorative OvalsDecorative OvalsSwim
Playthings II, 2008
An installation of over 80 translucent porcelain pieces for a show at the Palma Gallery, New Orleans, 2008