David Scott Smith Ceramics
Recycle Pot with Corn and a Lizard and Other StuffRecycle Pot with Deer Jawbone and BugRecycle Pot with Lizard Recycle Pot with Dead BreamRecycle Pot with a Comb, Leaf, and Rattlesnake SkinRecycle Pot with a Lizard and Fern LeavesRecycle Jug with a Lizard and CornRecycle Pot with Beer CanRecycle Pot with Tupperware and LaceRecycle Pot with Comb and CornHandbag TeapotRecycle Pot with Plaster Blob and Nut HullCajun TeaPig-Hopper (detail)Pig-Hopper (detail)The Queen (teapot)The Queen (detail)The Queen (detail)Recycle Pot (with corn)Recycle Pot with corn (detail of other side)Recycle Pot (blue plaster swirl)Recycle PotRecycle Pot (detail of other side)Recycle PotRecycle PotRecycle Pot with lizardRecycle Pot with lizard (detail of other side)Recycle PotFrog BottleFrog BottleFrog BottleFrog Bottle Hopper TeapotWild Onion TeapotLittle Frog BottleBullfrog BottleBullfrog Bottle (other view)Big Cock WhiskeyBig Cock Whiskey #2Big Cock Jungle JuiceBig Cock Jungle Juice (other side)Sheep Monkey CupZombie Food CupDirty Monkey Cup with Rattlesnake Buttons and StarfishDirty Monkey Cup with Rattlesnake Buttons and Starfish (other view)Blue Tooth CupBlue Cup with Rooster and OintmentBlue Cup with Rooster and Ointment (other view)Blue Cup with Grasshopper and PickleBlack Zipper CupBlackfoot TeapotYellowbell Bottle with Shaner's RedYellowbell Bottle with Shaner's Red (opposite side)Blue Wildflower BottleCamus Bottle with Ice Blue GlazeFern BottleWild Onion BottleWildflower Bottle Yellowbell BottleSeahorse BottleLive Oak Fern Blue BottleHands TeapotHands TeapotHands Teapots, unglazedThrown and Press-molded VesselDevil Pig Whiskey Face JugDevil Pig Whiskey FacejugBlack Devil Pig Whiskey Face JugDevil Pig Whiskey FacejugDevil Pig Whiskey Face JugDevil Pig Face Jug #1Devil Pig Whiskey Face Jug #2Devil Pig Whiskey Face Jug #3Devil Pig Whiskey Face Jug #3Devil Pig Whiskey Face Jug #4Devil Pig Whiskey Face Jug #5Devil Pig Whiskey Face Jug #6Devil Hillbilly Face JugDevil Hillbilly Boar Head Face JugFace Jug
Teapots, Facejugs, Cups, and other Pottery Forms, 2012 - Present
I love and deeply appreciate pottery. Many of my most treasured possessions are pots made by artists I admire, and I firmly believe just about any issue in contemporary art can be explored with a thrown or hand-formed vessel. In fact, I often find that the objects involved in my domestic routines provide me a much richer connection with art than most of my visits to the gallery or museum.

Most of my pots are just for looking at, or holding flowers, or whiskey, or love-letters, or candy, etc.