David Scott Smith Ceramics
Bandit (Demon of Consumption)Voodoo (Demon of Consumption)2-Faced Bitey (Demon of Consumption)Star Twister (Demon of Consumption)Flower (Demon of Consumption)Jelly Belly (Demon of Consumption)Red (Demon of Consumption)The Twins (Demons of Consumption)The Twins (Demons of Consumption)Fallen DemonThe Joker (Demon of Consumption)The Joker (Demon of Consumption)Drain The Swamp Mug SetsDrain The Swamp Mug SetsDrain The Swamp Mug Sets (Detail of Secret Message on the bottom of the Cup)Facejug CircusCritter Baby (Bottle Demon)Possum Bitey (Bottle Demon)Chicken Eyes (Bottle Demon)Tweedle Dee (Bottle Demon)Possum Smiley (Bottle Demon)Nipp-L-Chubby (Bottle Demon)Nipp-L-Chubby (Bottle Demon)Suk-L Chubby (Bottle Demon)Critter (Bottle Demon)Magic PoolDecorative RockfishDecorative CodDecorative AmphibianClean SwampCrawfish PoolClean SwampExcellent Craftsmanship is my First PriorityExcellent Craftsmanship is my First PriorityI Like to See Evidence of the Hand in My WorkI Like to See Evidence of the Hand in My WorkThis Could Also Be A TeapotThis Could Also Be A TeapotZeldaSharonNonaNonaMargaretDottiePostcard from the exhibition "Drink Me"
Baton Rouge GalleryCarneyCarneyClaireHandbag TeapotRecycle Pot with Deer Jawbone and BugRecycle Pot with a Comb, Leaf, and Rattlesnake SkinRecycle Pot with a Lizard and Fern LeavesRecycle Jug with a Lizard and CornRecycle Pot with Corn and a Lizard and Other StuffRecycle Pot with Beer CanRecycle Pot with Dead BreamRecycle Pot with Comb and CornRecycle Pot with Plaster Blob and Nut HullRecycle Pot with Lizard Recycle Pot with Tupperware and Lace